Government and Jobs 

We have worked hard to make sure that our public dollars are being put to good use, and as the former Chair of Assembly Government Affairs, this has been a particular focus of mine. We have put in place several new programs to move the state toward a better system of budgeting and to bring greater transparency overall through Assembly Bill 248. We have also passed several pieces of legislation to reduce gridlock at state agencies through Assembly Bill 13, increase use of small local businesses in state contracting, and make better use of dollars that were previously kept in reserves through Assembly Bill 303.

In 2019, I introduced Assembly Bill 400 in order to focused the Local School Support Tax to be on supporting education in Nevada. During the recession in 2011, we allowed businesses to receive abatement packages and incentives from the Local School Support Tax as a way to help the economy. When the economy had recovered from the recession, it was time for the money from the Local School Support Tax to go back to education. Nevada currently has great abatements packages for new and growing businesses to help them prosper, without having to dip into the Local School Support Tax.