Working to Protect Nevada Families


Since I was a young woman I have been passionate about working with families, and I have consistently advocated for their needs. I have worked with low-income families, foster and adoptive families, and in my current position as a hospice social worker I have worked with families who have a member facing a terminal diagnosis.

Working with families in Nevada has taught me many things. Most important, I have learned that Nevada’s families are struggling. They are struggling financially, and they are constantly worrying about losing their jobs. They are attempting to deal with high medical costs, having to make tough decisions, having to choose between quality care and affordable care. They worry about their children’s educational well-being, and they want to send their kids to college.

So many of Nevada’s families remind me of my own: hard-working families, constantly faced with hopes and challenges. My own family has struggled and triumphed, and I feel compelled to take my advocacy to the next level. As the Majority Leader of the Nevada State Assembly, I will do all I can to help and protect Nevada’s families.

Arrived in Nevada in 1950, Nevada Assemblywoman (1975-81), Nevada State Senator (1981-91), and the first woman elected Lieutenant Governor for Nevada (1991-95), Sue Ellen Wagner was born on Jan 6, 1940 in Portland, ME.

To all medical staff working the holidays, especially those who are working longer than a week without a day off, I thank you deeply for the time you give and sacrifices you make.

Exciting news! State veterinarian Dr. Mitchell has reviewed and approved Santa’s request for his reindeer’s entry into Nevada! 🎅🎄

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